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Friday, October 24, 2014

Free Kindle and Nook Apps

   I was surprised to find out some people thought you had to have a Kindle or Nook to read digital books, but that’s not true. Whether you have a Kindle or Nook you can generally purchase books online cheaper from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (for the Nook) than from a book store and the digital editions are usually cheaper. By the way, most of the free books are digitized books that are out of copyright protection and most of them are of very poor quality. There’s not much point in trying to save a little money downloading them; they are usually boring and sometimes hard to read; if you want cheap download the $0.99 ones.

     Both the Amazon app for Kindle and the Barnes and Noble app for the Nook offer pretty much the same things. You load them on your tablet, smartphone or computer and when you buy a book once you can read it on any device with the app installed. Of course, you can also read that same book on the Kindle or Nook if you own one. I used to have the Nook, but it got destroyed when our house flooded back in May so now I just download and read books on my laptop.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


TSC Shops enable you to find anything and everything you need for your home from home furnishing goods, pet supplies, toys, and even apparel. Their wide range of products are sold from over fifty retail websites.

Selection - They have the largest selection of products and it's easy to find exactly what you want.
Shipping – They ship UPS, USPS, Fedex, and LTL Freight.
Low Prices - the lowest anywhere. If you see an item for less, send them the place where you saw it and they will beat it or match it.
Authorized Dealer - They are authorized dealers for all products listed on their website.
BBB Accredited Business - BBB has determined that TSCShops.com meets BBB accreditation standards.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Everything listed is unconditionally guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with something, send it back within 30 days of receipt for exchange, credit, or refund the cost of the item. Shipping and handling cannot be reimbursed.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Buy From Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct offers deals on electronics, tablets, phones, office supplies, video games and more. They are a direct online and catalog retailer of computers and consumer electronics with headquarters in Fontainebleau, Florida. They also have locations in Miami, Naperville, Illinois (distribution center, corporate sales offices, retail stores in Chicago, Jefferson, Georgia and North Carolina. In Canada they have stores in Ontario: Markham(superstore), Etobicoke, Vaughan, Mississauga, Burlington, London, and Richmond Hill. Before I retired the company IT guy ordered just about all the company’s computer equipment from them and when I was looking for a new laptop TigerDirect was the place he suggested to get the best deal.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Save Big Money at Restaurants!

A local favorite of mine
    This is one of my favorites because we like to eat out. Restaurantdotcom offers gift certificates that allow you to save a lot of money at thousands of restaurants across the country.

     Simply select the restaurant and certificate denomination of your choice, complete the purchase process, and present your certificate to the server on your mobile phone or take a printed copy with you just like any other coupon. The savings will appear on your bill. Plus, Restaurant.com Gift Certificates never expire.
     Just some examples from where I live: A favorite Mexican restaurant: $5.00 certificates cost $2.00. A fine dining restaurant that overlooks Lake Erie: a $25 certificate costs $10 and a $50 certificate costs $20.
     We first learned of these when our house flooded last May. My wife’s employees took up a collection and bought us some coupons to use while we were living at a motel. We ate well at the hotel next door and there was no catch. They are also a great way to save money if you are going on vacation and will be eating out a lot.

Clean infected computers with a collection of repair tools...free

     Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit's can scan and clean malware-infected PCs without having to be installed. Free Emergency Kit runs from USB drives and similar devices which makes it pretty handy for, as the name implies, emergencies. It detects, quarantines, or removes viruses and malware, adware, PUPs and other programs that may be annoying, unwanted, and unnecessary but not a threat.
     The Scanner program searches for viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, dialers, keyloggers among others. Also included is Commandline Scanner but doesn’t have a GUI and is for professional use; it’s not something most of us will want to mess with. The same with HiJackFree; it helps advanced users to detect and remove Malware manually. BlitzBlank is another tool for experienced users or anybody else who is plagued with Malware on a daily basis. It deletes files, registry entries and drivers at boot time before Windows and all other programs are loaded. Not something computer illiterates will want to mess with.
    You begin by running Smart Scan, which ferrets out malware and then run a full scan. The program recommends quarantining any items in the scan results if you're not sure they can be safely deleted. If everything runs OK, you can delete the quarantined files later. If your computer is packed full of crap the process can take a long time, but normally it’s fast and will often find stuff other software won’t. That said, you should not rely on this software as your only protection.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Do NOT Eat this Crap!

    I am not a health nut, but do like to eat healthy. I DO eat junk food sometimes, but generally avoid eating it by the boat load if possible. The following foods provide virtually no health benefits while posing health risks.

White bread, refined flours. White bread and refined flours in general are toxic because they have been stripped of almost all vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other important nutrients. Refined white flour has been bleached with chlorine and treated with bromide, two poisonous chemicals that have been linked to causing thyroid and organ damage.

Frozen meals (aka TV Dinners). They are loaded with preservatives, processed salt, hydrogenated oils and other artificial ingredients, not to mention the fact that most frozen meals have been pre-cooked, reducing their nutrient content. Most of them are pretty nasty tasting anyway, so they are easy to avoid. See my Blog post HERE.

White rice. White rice has been stripped of most of its nutrients, and separated from the bran and germ. Even “fortified” white rice is nutritionally deficient. Brown rice is absorbed more slowly and does not cause the same spike in blood sugar that white rice does.

Microwave popcorn. Unhealthy is the best way to describe this stuff. Genetically-modified corn kernels, salt and preservative chemicals are used to enhance its flavor. It also contains diacetyl, a chemical that can actually destroy your lungs. It’s better to eat organic kernels that you can pop yourself.

Cured meat products with nitrates.  Deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, and many other meats sold at the grocery store are often loaded with sodium nitrite and other chemical preservatives that have been linked to causing heart disease and cancer.

Most protein and energy bars. They are marketed as being part of a healthy diet which is another advertising lie.  They usually have processed soy protein, refined sugar, hydrogenated fat, and other unhealthy additives. Before buying them read the ingredient labels!

Margarine. This stuff is an ingredient in all sorts of processed foods. It’s a hydrogenated trans-fat oil, which is something you should avoid.

Soy milk and soy-based meat substitutes. This is a big health fraud these days. Most soy additives are processed using a toxic chemical known as hexane which is linked to causing birth defects, reproductive problems, and cancer. Soy that has not been fermented is also highly estrogenic, which can throw your natural hormone balance out of whack.

“Diet” anything. Most of this stuff contains artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Equal) and sucralose (Splenda), both of which are linked to causing neurological damage, gastrointestinal problems, and endocrine disruption. They also usually have chemical flavoring to take the place of fat and other natural components that have been removed in order to reduce the calorie content.

Time for supper...