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Monday, September 10, 2018

Stupid Facebook Post

     There is no shortage of stupid posts people share on Facebook, but this is one of the most recent I have seen. The story from Newsbreakapp claims Colin Kaepernick, who was described as a “traitorous cretin and anti-American troublemaker”, was arrested in San Francisco Sunday after running to the 50-yard line to take a knee and giving a black power fist in the air during the playing of the national anthem. It was also claimed he resisted when officers were hitting him to subdue him. Additionally it was claimed that, “according to one fan who was wearing New Balance shoes, he got exactly what he deserved.”
     The story originated from an article published by America's Last Line of Defense on September 9, 2018. There are numerous hints that the article is fake: the category POLITICAL MISINFORMATION UNDER THE GUISE OF "SATIRE." that the story was was posted in or the phrase in the site header that reads."Information you probably shouldn't trust". 
     The actual photo is a still from a 2013 Youtube video of a field invader being tackled by an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman at the University of Oklahoma vs Iowa State game. 


     Regardless of where one stands on the issues surrounding Colin Kaepernick, posting this trash, or worse yet, believing it, is just ludicrous. To be honest, I am not sure if the person sharing the story is being facetious or if they really believe it.

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