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Friday, July 12, 2019

How to Clean Spider Droppings Off of the House

     The exterior of your home provides an excellent location for spiders to live, thrive and breed. 
     Many people don’t realize it but spiders leave behind droppings that cause your home's siding to appear dull and dingy and have spots all over it. 
     I always leave the front porch light on at night and it attracts bugs which attract spiders which, when they take a dump, leaves spots all over our new siding and the mailbox lid...nasty! 
     I am amazed that spiders no bigger than a pin head can generate so much waste.  They must crap their own weight every day. Curious, I Googled it.
     One site on spiders had a question about spiders urinating. According to the expert, spiders have structures designed to get rid of nitrogenous waste called malpighian tubules that function in a manner similar to our kidneys. Spiders don't produce urine like we do, but produce uric acid, which doesn't dissolve in water and is a near-solid. Spiders have this alternate form of waste because they can't afford to lose as much water as we do. 
    The urine drains into an pouch attached to the digestive tract where waste from their "kidneys" is combined and eliminated together with solid waste from the digestive tract. So, when a spider craps on the side of your house, you are actually getting two forms of waste in one.  Bet you didn't know that!
     You can clean the exterior of your house and remove the spider droppings using inexpensive and common household items. First wash the siding off with a hose. Then mix oxygen bleach in a bucket of water. You could use chlorine bleach instead, but oxygen bleach is safer. Then use a scrub brush and scrub the spider droppings off the siding. Alternatively, fill a pump sprayer with the mixture, saturate the siding then scrub it down. Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes then rinse until clean.

     Another method is to purchase a product called Star Brite Spider and Bird Stain Remover for about $14 a bottle. This product claims to quickly dissolve spider and bird droppings and is non-toxic, all-natural, contains no bleach, is safe for use around kids and pets and will not remove polish or wax. 
     Or, you can do what I did and it worked beautifully. Spray the crappy (literally) areas with Windex glass cleaner and wipe off with paper towels.  

21 Unusual Uses For Windex

 Naturally there are some who claim using WIndex can result in skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, chemical burns and, of course, cancer.  Somewhere in the world since 1933 when Windex was introduced I am sure somebody used it and died, too.  Anyway, if you have any concerns about the dangers of using Windex you can visit THIS site.
     As a public service announcement I should probably add that Windex contains cleaning agents, solvents, surfactants, and ammonia. DO NOT DRINK WINDEX!  Serious abdominal pain, throat swelling and difficulty breathing may result and your odds of serious injury or death will depend on the quantity consumed and how quickly it's treated.

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