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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fake News on Yahoo

     Ever read Yahoo news stories? Is Yahoo honestly providing content for its readers with no underlying agendas or are they deceiving users into thinking they are posting informative articles that provide honest and trustworthy content? 
     Look at Yahoo and you will see many of their articles are labeled “SPONSORED.” That means the content of the “story” was paid for and when these “news stories” are mixed in with legitimate news, it is nothing but blatant deceit on the part of Yahoo. 
     Of course, Yahoo isn't the only one that does it. TV programs and movies are often nothing more than a sophisticated attempt at plugging a lifestyle or a social agenda even if they don't tell you they are "sponsored." 
     I remember a television program from the late 1970s to early 1981s called Quincy, Medical Examiner. It was a medical mystery-drama series starring Jack Klugman as a Los Angeles County medical examiner who attempted to ascertain facts about and reasons for possible suspicious deaths. 
     The early programs were interesting because in them Quincy solved challenging and difficult cases that focused on realistic criminal investigations. But, I lost interest when they began to introduce social agendas. 
     Later programs featured damage done by disreputable plastic surgeons, flaws in drunk driving laws, airline safety issues, dumping of hazardous waste, the proliferation of handguns, Tourette's syndrome, anorexia, etc. 
     The dialogue became forced to the point of being ridiculous as we were bombarded with facts and figures to illustrate the point. And, after Quincy quoted a fact or figure, his assistant would repeat it for emphasis. 
     The idiots in the U.S. Congress even had Klugman, rather than real experts, testify before them about some of these issues and describe what he had learned as a result of the issue's discussion on his TV show. 
     If you look closely at many of the stories on Yahoo you will see some of the “news stories” with attention grabbing headlines are labeled “Sponsored.” That's because they are ads disguised as news. Many times clicking on them will send you to adsense or marketing sites where the sponsors make money.

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