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Monday, December 10, 2018

Wakuneco, An Amazing Japanese Artist

     I have heard of crafting with cat fur, but there's also a craft called Needle Felting that isn't quite so gross. There's a Japanese lady named Wakuneco has taken needle felting to a whole new dimension using wool. Actually, when you think about it, wool is not too different from cat fur; they are both animal hair.
     Wakuneco uses wool to craft unbelievably realistic hand-felted 3-D cat faces. She begins with pictures of real cats and after a long and delicate process she ends up with a realistic looking cat face. 
     Using a needle, she pokes wool into a piece of felt until it forms a solid shape that looks like a cat then adds glass eyes and whiskers. When completed the face is mounted inside wooden frames. The results are amazing. Wakuneco sells her work via Yahoo Auctions and currently only ships to Japan. You can see more of the artist’s work on Instagram and Facebook.

Wakuneco on Facebook
My Modern Art
Learn How to Needle Felt

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