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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Art of Being A Manly Man

The Art of Manliness
Lots of cool stuff for men: 

* Style- How a shirt should fit 
* Sports jackets, suit jackets and blazers, what’s the difference? 
* Getting ahead-financial stuff 
* Get strong- hints on fitness 
* Social-the art of conversation, how to know if a woman likes you 
* Podcasts and even a store

Sample article: Beards, Hair, Mustaches, Style & Grooming. The Science of Facial Hair: What Signals Do Beards, Stubble, and Mustaches Send to Others? 

Hobbies - The Ultimate List of Hobbies for Men
75+ Ideas For Your Free Time 
22 More Hobbies for Men 
45 Manly Hobbies

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