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Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Constitution Is Leaking

     Is it possible for a free society to succumb to tyrannical forces? You betcha! And, we’re seeing it happen little by little. 
     Columnist Stella Morabito describes how it happens in six phases: 1) Laying the groundwork, 2) Propaganda, 3) Agitation, 4) Government takeover of institutions 5) Coercing conformity and 6) Final solutions. 

1) Laying the Groundwork 
     This takes some time, perhaps even to the point of stretching the groundwork out over a couple or three generations. The goal is to get people's minds closed to reason and influenced by emotion and propaganda. Today’s mass media is an excellent tool. Just look at the proliferation of fake news sites and people who believe if it’s on Facebook it must be true. 
2) Propaganda 
     Propaganda becomes more forceful and is focused on driving people to demand some agenda be met. It also involve making subtle changes to the meaning of words and the creation alternate facts and realities. Included are the revision of history, confusion over gender, political correctness and the threat of rejection if people don’t conform to political correctness. Using the illusion of public opinion to support agendas is another tactic. 
3) Agitation 
     Once the groundwork has been laid and propaganda absorbed by enough people, it’s time to begin agitating them in the form of protests, parades, marches and demonstrations for whatever the cause is. It also involves simply shouting down any opposition and making false accusations. 
     Ms Morabito observed that it’s in this phase that “imitative behaviors proliferate.” In other words, everybody starts doing something such when NFL football players started kneeling during the national anthem and the next thing you know they were all doing it. At first some owners protested, but they were soon forced to get in line and accept it. 
     Also, during this phase hate starts popping up and we see defacing of public statues and monuments and demands they be removed because somebody is offended by them. Hollywood gets in on the act such as when certain actors publicly state they want to throw s**t in the president’s face and another pretends to urinate on the president’s Hollywood sidewalk star. The education establishment becomes involved by politically educating children even to the point of cultivating hostility towards their parents, religion or anything else that’s not part of the agenda. 
4) Takeover 
     Anything designed to protect the individual from encroachment by the government is attacked and destroyed including the family and the church. Constitutional rights are attacked. 
    As just one small example, we are fast approaching the point where a Transportation Security Administration approved driver’s license will be required to board an airplane. Not too far behind will be the day you can be stopped by the police and asked to produce your papers just like they did in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. 
5) Coercing Conformity 
As Ms Morabito points out, this is the stage where you are told to conform and convert...or else. The result of this phase is false confessions, apologies and recanting for even the slightest hint of a politically incorrect viewpoint. State surveillance grows as employees are required to report politically incorrect private conversations. 
6) Final Solution 
     The body count, whether in the graveyard or the prison system, begins to grow. Violence is considered a necessity and things such as due process, respect for free speech, the Bill of Rights, etc. no longer exist.

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