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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Jungle Jim’s Bacon

   If you do not eat bacon then this post will be of no interest.  However, if you like bacon then read on.  
     Bacon is a staple in our house and we used to buy it at the local grocery store until one day we discovered a meat market that was out in the country about 6 miles away. They had bacon at prices much cheaper than at the local grocery store so that’s where we always bought our bacon. Then one day I noticed a clerk filling trays with bacon out of a box from a company named Indiana Kitchen. 
     Indiana Kitchen is a pork packing plant operating out of Delphi, Indiana and the only place their bacon is available in our neck of the woods is in Marc's stores, a discount drugstore and grocery chain. 
     Marc’s is owned by Marc Glassman with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and has over 60 stores in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown and Columbus areas. 
     The sale price of Indiana Kitchen bacon runs about half of the cost of the better known name brands. So, while at Marc’s the other day we checked to see if Indiana Kitchen bacon was on sale. It wasn’t, but we noticed a brand called, oddly, Jungle Jim’s, and it was only $2.99 a pound which is about half the cost of the big name brands. 
     Seriously?! How good could an off brand bacon with the name Jungle Jim’s be? But, for the price we decided to try a pack and guess what? It was every bit as good as Indiana Kitchen. 
     Jungle Jim's International Market has two stores in southern Ohio, one in Hamilton and one in Cincinnati. After a little research I discovered they are more than just a grocery store. According to their site, “they have unique and interesting spaces dedicated to creating a robust, educational, and entertaining experience every time you visit, giving you a reason to come back again and again. From a lavish event center and tempered-air outdoor bar, to state of the art meeting space, The Cooking School and Craft Beer Bars, we want to bring the world to you.” 
     The point is, if you live in the area where Jungle Jim’s Bacon is sold, don’t hesitate to buy it because despite the weird name and cheap price, it is every bit as good as the much more expensive name brands. If Jungle Jim's isn't available then Indiana Kitchen is an excellent choice.

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