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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AVG Anti-virus Freeware

Anti-virus software is absolutely essential for your computer and while I use Norton, you can get freeware that will protect you under certain circumstances.  AVG Anti-Virus FREE 2012 is perfect if you use your PC only for surfing, searching or social networking because it will protect you while surfing.

However, and this is important, if you are sharing and downloading files, watching YouTube, sending e-mails of shopping and banking, it will not offer the necessary protection.

If you also use your PC for banking or shopping you need the protection of AVG Firewall offered in AVG Internet Security 2012 to keep hackers out which will cost you about $55.  Personally, for that price I would rather buy Norton which offers a wider variety of packages ranging from $40 to $80.  But if you want free then AVG is an excellent choice.  DOWNLOAD AVG Free

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