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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reality TV

     Most, if not all, of them are as fake as anything else you see on television.   
     Moonshiners is a docudrama that dramatizes the life of people who produce illegal moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. The series dramatizes their efforts, law-evading techniques and life. It should be obvious that no illegal liquor is actually being produced by the people depicted in the show. I saw a portion of an episode a couple of weeks ago where two guys broke into an abandoned building to set up their still. Really? They can't be filming felonies being planned and committed without being party to the crimes themselves. Also what moonshiner in his right mind is going to tell a television crew to film him as he goes about his illegal activities?
     On Cup Cake Wars they try to surprise the bakers with odd ingredients. Actually the contestants find out the ingredients months before the show. The House Hunters is another faked show. After the people have already purchased their house, the show tapes them viewing it then takes them to other houses to make it seem like they are picking between the three. Those restaurant and hotel salvaging shows: All of the problems are either made up or things that had been solved years ago but were re-created for the cameras.
     On American Idol people wait for hours and go through tons of judges who decide if they are TV material: crazy, bad singers or actually good enough to move on. Sometimes screeners toss people out based on appearance. Storage Wars...they stage stuff in the storage lockers. I went to a local storage facility one time that was auctioning off stuff in the lockers and it was obvious they had gone through them first and pulled out anything of value. I left after about 3 or 4 lockers.
     On Jerry Springer the stories, fights and arguments on stage are fake. It is hard to believe normal people would go on television and willingly make themselves look like stupid fools.  The Amish reality shows are fake. Pawn Stars is pretty much made up. Actual customers are not in the store during filming and, of course, they never call their buddies to come down and look at stuff; they're already there and booked up on the item. The Repo shows are reenactments based on real repos. Cops is all scripted...TV Guide article
     The History and Discovery channels really peeve me sometimes. I started watching something the other night on the Ark of the Covenant. Some 'expert' was explaining that unlike the Bible description, it was nothing more than a plain old wooden box because the Israelites had neither gold nor the skills to produce an Ark as described in the Bible. What is this 'expert' talking about? According to the account of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, the Egyptians gave the Hebrews a lot of gold, silver, and other treasures just to get rid of them. Also the Israelites had a pretty good knowledge of gold metallurgy from the Egyptians whose overlaying of gold on wood was quite common. Working with gold was not new to the Israelites. Then in chapter 31 of Exodus, God told Moses He would give the people the skills and wisdom needed to form the gold, silver, etc, and overlay the wood with it.  

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