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Friday, March 6, 2015

Dog Bites

    What do you do if you are bitten by a dog? They may be our best friends, but dogs are still animals and they can bite. In fact, dogs bite about 4.5 million Americans every year, half of them children between ages 5 and 9. One out of every five of those bites causes an injury that requires medical attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
     Dog bites can happen for a lot of reasons, from a puppy in the teething stage nipping you to an attack by a strange dog on the street. When dealing with dog bites, there are certain steps to take, but what to do depends upon the circumstances and severity of the injury. Here’s our advice on dealing with dog bites, starting with what to do in every case. READ MORE

Preventing Dog Bites - American Veterinary Medical Association
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25 Most Dangerous Breeds Likely to Turn on Their Owners - Dog bites depend on a number of things such as genes, temperament and most obvious, how the dog is raised and trained. It’s not always the dog’s fault but dog bite statistics by breed is useful just in case it might affect a person’s choice on buying a certain breed.
14 Dog Breeds Blacklisted by Insurance Companies - While you might love your dog, the companies that carry the insurance for your house, apartment, or condominium might not. In fact, your dog's breed might determine whether or not an insurance company is even willing to provide coverage for your home.
Dogs LEAST Likely to Bite

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