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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Online Calculators

     How many bags of concrete will it take for me to pour a new sidewalk in front of my house? It will take 125 each of 80 pound bags and at $5.25 each at Lowe's, it'll cost $656.25.
     I thought my current weight would put me just a smidgen over my recommended weight but the Ideal Weight Calculator says it should be what it was when I was a kid in the military. It must not be working right.
     According to another calculator I need 2,025 Calories a day to maintain my weight. And I should take 216 - 405 grams of carbohydrate for my energy needs. I'd need to cut out 500 Calories a day to lose a pound a week. At least according to the bra size calculator, I don't need one...that's good! 
     This site has a calculator for every need: Financial, Weight Loss, Prgnancy, Gas Mileage, Time Zones, Concrete, Bra Size and they even have Math calculators. If you have a website or Blog some of the calculators can be added to your site. Calculatordotnet

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