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Friday, December 22, 2017

Tom Tom GPS

    Last year for Christmas I got a TomTom VIA 1515M 5-Inch Portable Touchscreen Car GPS Navigation Device - Lifetime Map Updates. This device is absolute junk
     It takes it a long tome to find a valid signal and when it does, the device often loses it while driving. The company has offered a patch to correct this, but every time I try to download it an error message comes up that there's something wrong with my computer. Of course, the problem is with Tom Tom, not the laptop. 
    As for their claim there is a lifetime update of maps available, well, that's an outright lie. Connecting it to the laptop to download the patch their program hijacked my laptop and tried to make Tom Tom my home screen
     Now, after sitting idle for three months in my car the battery won't charge!
I give this scumbag company two thumbs down, more if I had them!

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