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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Scrape Your Eyes With A Straight Razor?!

     In China, India and some salons in Vietnam there is something known as "eye shaving" or a "blade wash" and it's marketed as something to refresh your tired eyes. They clean your eyelids by scraping them with a metal blade or even a straight razor. According to one Chinese ophthalmologist the technique appears to unblock moisturizing sebaceous glands along the rim of the eyelid. 
     Aside from a risk of infection if the equipment was not sterilized, the damage caused by a mistake with a straight razor is too frightening to think about. 
     Using fingers to hold open the eyelids, practitioners scrape the blade back and forth over the eyelid and then the eyeball. Then they use another tool, a small rod, which they place in the eye and slide it back and forth along the upper eyelid like a windshield wiper. It is said to scrape away things like ulcers and scar tissue under the eyelids and encourages the secretions of fluids to better lubricate the eye. The process takes about five minutes and leaves the customer’s face streaming with tears. 
     Naturally, American ophthalmologists say, don’t do it. While the idea of eyelid hygiene is something they do advocate, they don’t recommended doing it in the street or salons with a non-eye care professionals. 
     Barbers in China have practiced eye-cleaning with a sharp blade for centuries. Like many other ancient traditions, this dangerous trade is slowly vanishing, but you can still find a few places where you can get your eyeballs scraped. Try not to cringe while watching the video!

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