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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Slim PDF Reader - Great Little Program

     For unknown reasons the Adobe Reader quit working on one of our laptops that is running Windows 8. After deleting it and reinstalling it twice it still did not work. 
     An online search lead to several technical solutions, none of which I felt like undertaking. I discovered a Microsoft reader on the laptop that worked, but it was clumsy at best. The program isn’t on the laptop with Windows 10. 
     In any case, looking for a simple solution to read PDF files I discovered a great little free program called Slim PDF Reader that you can download from a site called Investintech.com. 
     The program has no extraneous features, but is small in size, opens PDF documents quickly making it ideal for those who just want to read or print a PDF document without a lot of fuss. Navigation is clear and simple and the program's most advanced features are the ability to search print and rotate PDFs. Well worth the cost! VISIT the site...

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