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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Is Human Mulch Bizarre?

     Human remains are now being legally composted and turned into mulch in the state of Washington. It’s also the only legal way for residents of the state to be laid to rest on their own property. 
     The body is placed in a "cradle" that looks like a big barrel along with 200 gallons of wood chips. Then a mix of bacteria, protozoa and fungi is added to speed up the process. Oxygen is repeatedly added to to keep the temperature at 145-155 degrees. The cradle is periodically tumbled to help disperse oxygen throughout the chamber. 
     At the end of the process unnatural materials like dental fillings, screws and pacemakers are filtered out after the decomposition is complete and the bones are crushed to release the phosphorus. 
     And, presto! They have four 55-gallon drums full of compost which the family can have or in the case of Herland Forest Cemetery, it will be used to help grow new trees.
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