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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crappy Weather

The weather here where I sit, just a mile south of Lake Erie and near Cleveland Ohio, is horrible. I recently came across a list of weather patterns in the country’s 50 largest cities and here are the crappiest places to live when it comes to winter weather. The first number is the average annual temperature and the second number is the average annual snowfall.

10. Baltimore, Maryland (54.6°F -  21.4 inches)
9. Detroit, Michigan (49.7°F - 41.4 inches)
8. Columbus, Ohio (52.9°F - 28.2 inches)
7. Indianapolis, Indiana (52.5°F - 24.2 inches)
6. Minneapolis , Minnesota (45.4°F - 49.7 inches)
5. Chicago, Illinois (49.1°F - 38.2 inches)
4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (47.5°F - 47.5 inches)
3. New York, New York (54.6°F - 28.9 inches)
2. Boston, Massachusetts (51.6°F - 43.2 inches)
1. Cleveland, Ohio (49.6°F - 58.9 inches)

It could be worse though. A detailed analysis by The Weather Channel of historical and risk-related weather, climate and natural disaster data reveals that certain counties in the United States are more at risk for natural impacts like severe storms, hurricanes and floods that often damage and destroy homes, etc. The worst place is New Orleans, Louisiana. And also according to the Weather Channel, when it comes to all around crappy cities to live in, Cleveland only ranks #39 while Miami, Florida is Number 1.

For a list of the Most (Fill in the Blank) Cities in America visit Cities Journal.

In the meantime I am going to go HERE

where it's partly cloudy with temperatures near 74 degrees F and take a virtual drive up Route 1 through the Florida Keys!

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