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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wise Geek - Fun, Informative Browsing

Short, clear and concise answers to common questions. wiseGEEK Categories:

Technology and Gadgets Hi-tech gadgets are having an increasingly significant impact on our lives.
Business and Economy Business, economics and other questions related to money.
Food and Cooking All about food, cooking and cuisines.
Language and The Humanities We tackle questions regarding figures-of-speech, philosophy, logic and language.
Manufacturing and Industry Manufacturing techniques and industrial technologies that are used to drive our modern lifestyles.
Anatomy and Physiology Everything about the parts, processes and functioning of the human body.
Crafts and Do-it-Yourself Information about tools, materials, crafts and do-it-yourself projects.
Home and Garden Information and tips on how to improve your home life.
Medicine and Treatments Medications, treatments, therapies and remedies to medical illnesses, disorders and syndromes.
Diet, Fitness and Nutrition Preventative health care via exercise, an active lifestyle, and healthy eating.
The United States The history, places and economy of America.
Travel and Entertainment Vacations, cruises, and all sorts of ways to relax and enjoy yourself.
People Information about all sorts of important people that shaped our world, past and present.
Attorneys and the Law Legal terms and concepts along with other law-related issues.
Internet and Computers Information technology is altering all of our lives; we cover search engines, keyboards, storage, networks, online security etc.
Adult Education and Training Higher education, continuing education, technical and trade schools, job training and other adult education information.
Beauty and Personal Care Makeup, hair care, skin care, and personal care.
Miscellaneous The repository of our answers that do not seem to fit in one of our other categories.
Science and Engineering Scientific research and the associated breakthroughs are fueling modern life with new innovations and ways of viewing the world.
Health and Wellness Diseases, conditions, symptoms and other health-related matters.
Cars, Boats and Airplanes Cars, boats, planes and trains- they're everywhere! We cover all the the vehicles that we use to transport our possessions and ourselves.
Finance and Investing Answers to your questions about personal finance and investing.
Fashion, Clothing and Accessories ...from the runway to the streets.
Art and Music Film, poetry, architecture, sculpture, painting and all sorts of music.
Animals and the Environment Everything about the natural world around us
History and Government Wars, historical figures and events.
The World World politics, geography and country statistics.
Sports and Hobbies Answers relating to sports, hobbies and other pastimes.

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