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Friday, May 22, 2015


    KeyNote is a freeware program that is very user friendly; you can install it and start using it immediately. This handy program is an “outliner” that allows you to organize text or place random pieces of information into tree-type notes or a well organized database. It's very handy for storing stuff in one location without having it scattered all over your hard drive.
    It allows you to keep notes or other stuff in a hierarchy of folders. You can create folders and pages, as well as sub-folders and sub-pages, and you can re-organize them easily by drag-and-drop. You can use colored fonts, bullet point lists and hyperlinks. You can also store images.
    What can you use it for? Personal information management, a personal diary or journal, a scratchpad for quick notes and ideas, writing and structuring small articles or larger documents, creating and storing electronic texts, outlines, reports, recipes, personal contacts.
    It is also a good way to store information on accounts, passwords, PIN numbers, but...you must remember to encrypt the file!
    You can makes lists such as what's in you collections, keep a list of Internet bookmarks, archive documents, such as articles downloaded from the Internet, store document templates, etc. Teachers could use it for class notes, student attendance and assessment notes. The possibilities are limitless.

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