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Monday, May 4, 2015

Excel Spreadsheet Credit Card Calculator

     I do not like credit cards but they are about the only way to establish a credit history, rent a car, a hotel room and many other things. They advertise no interest credit cards all the time, but if you keep taking out new cards and transferring balances, it's going to hurt your credit history! Credit cards are NOT income! They are an expense. 
     Most people know they should pay their credit card bills in full every month, but few do. A credit card calculator translates things into hard numbers that will enable you to make the most cost-effective course of action. 
     A calculator can tell you the monthly payments you'll need to make to rid yourself of credit card debt within a certain amount of time or how different monthly payment amounts affect the length of time it will take to pay down what you owe. A calculator also helps you see how much debt is truly costing you because credit card companies assess interest on a daily basis, which means interest accrues on interest making it difficult to appreciate the true cost of big-ticket purchases paid off over time. Credit card debt calculators tell you exactly how badly you are getting screwed. 
     How fast could you get out of debt and how much can you save in interest payments? You can find out easily by downloading the Debt Reduction Calulator at Cnet. It's nothing fancy, just an Excel Spreadsheet and no installation is required.

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