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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


     Before the hard drive on my laptop started going bad I used an OCR program called Simple OCR, but after installing a new hard drive running Windows 8.1 Simple OCR would not work for some reason. 
     I searched the Internet for a replacement, but kept getting warnings from my antivirus program, Webroot, that the downloads were unsafe. Fortunately, I eventually found one that did not give any warnings and worked beautifully. It's called FreeOCR. 
    FreeOCR allows you to import directly from twain scanners, PDF and popular image formats and the latest release has been tested with Windows 10. Available default languages are English, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. 
    FreeOCR outputs plain text and can export directly to Microsoft Word format. Free OCR uses the latest Tesseract (v3.01) OCR engine. It includes a Windows installer and It is very simple to use and supports opening multi-page tiff documents, Adobe PDF and fax documents as well as most image types including compressed Tiff's which the Tesseract engine on its own cannot read. 
     FreeOCR V4 includes Tesseract V3 which increases accuracy and has page layout analysis so more accurate results can be achieved without using the zone selection tool. The program is a freeware and you can do what you like with it including commercial use. The included Tesseract OCR engine is distributed under the Apache V2.0 license. Latest release: March 2015 v5.4 Totally free OCR software for Microsoft Windows 

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  1. I just downloaded this...works great. Thanks!