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Friday, October 28, 2016

eLecta Live Free Screen Recorder

     The simplest screen recorders simply capture what's on your screen and save it in AVI format, but the more advanced offer tools for editing, additional audio, picture-in-picture and on-screen drawing. eLectra is the former and it's about as simple a screen recorder as you can get. 
     It's a minimalistic design and has very small memory usage, but offers high quality video and audio recording. eLecta can be run on any low configuration PC without problems. It has two basic screen capture modes...full screen or screen area recording. 
     It can record from webcam or from the eLecta live session, and a watermark can be added in the form of text or an imagen eLecta's only drawback is its shortage of export settings; you can only use AVI format and there's no choice of encoding options. 
     If you want a different format, you'll need to convert it using a video editing app like Handbrake. Playback use Media Player.  Download HERE

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