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Thursday, October 20, 2016


     I delete spam comments regularly on this blog and today I deleted comment spam written Arabic that referred readers to automatic door systems.  Comment spam is bad news for legitimate blogs and they range from nonsensical to great praise for a post and they are nearly always unrelated to the content of the post. 
     Spam in blogs is, apparently, quite common. The idea of the spammer is to artificially increase another site's search engine ranking and often results in the spammer's commercial site being listed ahead of other sites for certain searches, increasing the number of potential visitors and paying customers. 
     According to Wikipedia is the phrase "nice article" and people commenting that they are bookmarking my blog. I get a lot. Comment spam is an annoying, but in a way I suppose it's also a good sign. As a blog grows spam becomes an issue and I delete spam almost daily even though this blog is samll potatoes, getting around 4000 hits a month. 
     First, I don't want this Blog having anything that could lead to something harmful to its readers, like picking up a virus, malware, spyware, etc. Secondly, I don't want trust in my blog to take a hit. Thirdly, with Google, a single dubious link can result in punishment...like ranking lower on search engine results. 
     Did you know there are actually professional spammers and it's a real industry? A lot of spam doesn’t look “professional,” but that's part of the strategy they use. There used to be two real (I won't say legitimate) companies that would send out spam emails attempting to sell prescription drugs. When someone would make a purchase through one of the emails, the spam company would be paid about a 30 percent commission on the price of the prescription drugs bought. One professional spammer claimed he made over $330,000 in a year just sitting at his computer sending out spam e-mails. 

The world's top countries for spammers are: 
1-United States 
3-Russian Federation 
6-Hong Kong 
8-United Kingdom 

     Spammers are smart people. They have to be to stay one step ahead new technology and writing material that will entice people to bite. They do research on colors, subject lines, copy length and even personal preferences. 
     They are experts in the field of marketing.  As mentioned above, their motivation is to profit, directly or indirectly, by driving traffic to their site. But, there is also another motivation...a successful spammer can build a database of people that have taken their bait and that in itself is valuable information. The information they collect tells them who we are, where we live, when we respond, and which devices and operating systems we use. 

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