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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wings 3D

     If you want to make 3D models for any reason then this is a really good free and open source 3D modeling tool for beginners that's both and fast to learn. It's powerful and easy to use and works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, using the Erlang environment. You can use it to model and add texture low to mid-range polygon models, but note that it does not support animations.  Visit site to download HERE.
     The interface is simple and it has a comprehensive set of mesh modeling and selection tools: Move, Scale, Rotate, Extrude, Bevel, Bridge, Cut, and Weld, Sweep, Plane Cut, Circularise, Intersect, Bend, Shear, and Inset, Magnets and Magnet Masking Mirror for symmetrical modeling, Tweak and Sculpt.
     For additional information on the program visit the Mental Arcade site HERE.

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