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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Corn Huskers Lotion...a Man's Hand Lotion

     The name isn't very glamorous and the appearance of the bottle and its slimy feel doesn't do it any favors, but don't be fooled...it's good stuff. It's not well known because they don't advertise, but it's one of the best hand lotions (and more) available. It makes no exaggerated promises to defy the laws of nature and keep you youthful forever.
     This multipurpose product is a must for any medicine cabinet and at about three dollars a bottle, it's far cheaper than most products that don't work as well. 
     It's thick and non-greasy and is designed for protecting skin that dries out from work or over-use of hand washing, it delivers results in little time thanks to its 11 ingredients in addition to water and fragrance. If it has a downside, it's the the scent which has been described as "lemony," "feminine" and "perfumey" by some who consider it too cloying. 
     It has two pH balancers, fumaric acid and triethanolamine which keep it from being too acidic or alkaline and the fumaric acid can also be used to treat psoriasis. Sodium calcium alginate, guar gum, calcium chloride and calcium sulfate all make it thick and the sodium calcium alginate serves as a fragrance. 
    It also contains something called humectants which moisturize the skin while emollients soften and smooth the skin, making it appear younger and healthier. There are two such agents: glycerin and SD alcohol 40.  An organic compound, SD alcohol 40 can be a humectant or emollient with cleansing properties. Glycerin can be natural or synthetic and is present in all natural fats. 
     Boric acid is a antimicrobial that will kill or hinder the growth of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria.  Methylparaben is a preservative that keeps the lotion from spoiling, making it last longer. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. It causes less irritation to the skin because it is a preservative that does not release formaldehyde. 
     Oleoyl Sarcosine is a modified fatty acid found in many personal care products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved it as an indirect food additive. On skin it works by making water mix better with dirt and oil to wash it away. 
     Corn Huskers Lotion was originally developed in 1919 specifically for farmers who, you guessed it, husked corn. Their hands were frequently exposed to cold, dry air and brittle husks, so their hands took a beating. Rough, dry hands were impossible to treat with basic moisturizers, but this oil-free formula did the trick. 
     Touted by some as a wonder treatment for a variety of skin conditions, it's not just for your hands. Many individuals have reported that their eczema symptoms have minimized, if not eradicated, with regular use. People suffering from psoriasis often experience difficulty finding moisturizers that are non-irritating, yet many ind Corn Huskers provides relief.
     If you have severely dry hands, even with bleeding, cracks and sores, Corn Huskers has been proven to make a world of difference by providing non-greasy moisture that penetrates quickly. Some men even use it as an after shave balm.

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  1. Great stuff to keep grease and residues off computer keyboards and screens!