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Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Brandy Memorial Tulips Are Blooming

     About 20 years ago I bought about $60 worth of tulip bulbs and planted then along the back of the house on a Saturday morning. A couple of days later, looking out of the kitchen window, I saw them all on the patio. An investigation revealed that our dog, Brandy, had dug them all up, carried them over to the patio, crushed them with her teeth and left them. She missed one clump though and they have been blooming about this time every year. Brandy has been gone about 12 years now, but whenever the tulips, which I refer to as the Brandy Memorial Tulips, bloom, they always remind me of her, the only dog we ever had. 
     She was a loving dog with a soft spot in her heart for children. Our neighbor used to by dog treats and when he was out mowing the lawn Brandy would follow him up and down along the fence waiting for him to toss her a treat.  
     She also used to sit at the fence and stare at him when he was grilling. She looked so pathetic that he couldn't resist giving here a bite of whatever was on the grill.  In fact, one day I saw here gnawing on something and when I went out to see what it was, the neighbor had given here a whole T-bone steak!  He explained that he had grilled an extra one the day before and when he and his wife went to eat it for lunch, it didn't taste good reheated, so he gave it to her.  I told him next time give it to me!
     The day I informed him that the vet told me she was terminally ill and had to be put to sleep, he choked up and was actually on the verge or tears.
     Another time my wife heard three kids on the front porch talking.  They were discussing who was going to be the "talker."  When she opened the front door, the "talker" explained that they were walking down the sidewalk and saw our dog in her cage in the garage which was open.  
     They went in to pet her and, as the kid explained, she looked very sad.  That's when he started crying and asked, "She isn't going to die is she?"  My wife explained that's just the way she looks.  Relieved that Brandy's health was good, they thanked my wife and left.

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