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Thursday, July 9, 2015


    Sports drinks are often touted as the ideal way to prevent dehydration. Many claim to hydrate the body “better” than water and many contain a host of novel ingredients including vitamins, herbs and caffeine, which claim to boost athletic performance. Sports drinks have been called adult Kool-Aid with some sodium and, in some instances, potassium added. Many commercial sports drinks are flavored (and colored) with chemicals and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, a simple sugar that can cause fluctuations in blood sugar. The most common complaints with sports drinks is stomach upset.
     Electrolytes—not sugar—support hydration to the cellular level and with sports drinks you will max out on sugar before you’re adequately hydrated. Supposedly, Gatorade and similar drinks are an electrolyte that helps replace water lost by perspiration. Too much salt in your system causes your blood pressure to raise. If you are not perspiring a lot, like athletes do, then you could be building up compounds inside your body faster than they can be expelled without sweating. 
     Too much anything can harm your body. People who drink too much plain water have gotten sick due to build up of excess water in their bodies. Then there is the extra sugar which is needed if you are active but not needed if you are a coach potato. 
     Gatorade, in moderation, offers a healthy option if you use it for your sports nutrition needs. However, dietary choices are especially important if you are concerned about your blood pressure -- and too much Gatorade potentially leads to high blood pressure. Read more…

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 "If you are drinking Gatorade while watching TV or working on the computer, you're just intoxicating yourself with salt." Read more…

Side Effects: 

Weight gain: There are around fifty calories for every eight ounce of Gatorade. Active people may be able to burn these calories however, those who live a sedentary lifestyle should refrain from taking Gatorade since it may lead to weight gain. 

Increase in blood pressure: Consuming one bottle of Gatorade may mean that you had consumed eight hundred milligrams of sodium or around thirty three percent of your daily recommended intake. Drinking Gatorade while eating salty foods may cause an increase in your blood pressure. 

Too much sugar: One regular sized of Gatorade may contain fifty six grams of sugar. Replacing the lost sugars maybe a good idea however, taking too much sugar may also be harmful to your cells. People suffering with diabetics should monitor their sugar level while taking Gatorade. Some diabetic people may suffer with sudden increase of glucose after taking half bottle of Gatorade while others may have several bottles before their glucose spikes. 

Hyperkalemia: Taking one bottle of Gatorade may provide thirty milligrams of potassium. However, if you are taking potassium supplements, try to avoid Gatorade because you are at risk of developing hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is a condition that occurs when there is too much potassium in your body. People suffering with kidney disorder especially kidney failure are at high risk of developing hyperkalemia. 

Coping with Heat & Humidity as We Age...Exposure to heat greater than 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humid weather while performing vigorous exercise -- especially while in the sun -- is susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Other factors that make a person susceptible to heat illness include older age, heart disease, other chronic diseases, extreme exercise, sunburn, obesity, sleep deprivation, alcoholism and certain medications. Patients taking beta-blockers, tricyclic antidepressants, aspirin and diuretics are predisposed to heat disorders. Gatorade can be helpful in those cases. Read article…

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Low Potassium symptoms

How to Restore Potassium Levels With Gatorade...Potassium is a mineral that the body needs to function properly. Because it is electrically charged, potassium can be transported in and out of cells to change their electrical charge. For some cells, such as muscles and nerves, this proves necessary for them to function properly. You lose potassium from your body in a variety of ways, such as by sweating, and you can take Gatorade to replenish your potassium levels. Read article…

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