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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wild Game Recipes

     Backwoods Bound is a website where you can learn about outdoor activities, find information and products you need to plan outdoor adventures and discover some great tasting recipes for some usual stuff like chicken and fish plus some exotic animals. Alligator, Armadillo, Bear, Beaver, Deer, Dove, Duck, Elk, Frog, Goose, Moose, Pheasant, Rabbit, Raccoon, Snake, Turtle and more. 
     Just Game Recipes has over 2,900 recipes for just about every wild animal you can think of from Alligators to Wild Turkey. 
      According to the Mayo Clinic, in general, wild game is leaner than domesticated animals, because animals in the wild are typically more active. In comparison to lean cuts of beef and pork, game meat has about one-third fewer calories and quite a bit less saturated and total fat. Since it’s wild, the animal is not being exposed to medications or antibiotics. Its diet is not forced or prescribed – they just eat what is available in nature. For the meat itself, the benefits are those of any grass-fed, lean cut. 
     However, with game there are a few health-related precautions to keep in mind: Chronic wasting disease is similar to mad cow disease, CWD is found in deer and elk. While human infection is a potential concern, there have been no verified cases. To minimize risk, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that hunters who harvest deer or elk from known CWD-positive areas consider having the animal tested for CWD before consuming the meat. A number of studies have demonstrated that lead ammunition can cause lead contamination of game. Whether this is a concern has yet to be determined. However, the CDC recommends discarding portions of game that contain lead bullet fragments or using non-lead ammunition.      Food Safety For Wild Game

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