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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Arm Chair Travels

  The Terminal Tower, Cleveland, Ohio
Google street view

  Some people are unable to travel because of a lack money, lack of time or illness or maybe they just don't want to or it could be a variety of other reasons. It's a poor substitute, but you can always take a leisurely drive on Google Maps. 
     Armchair travel without the expense, the worry about getting lost, mugged, sick from the strange foo, etc. can be the way to kill a little time and see some interesting site. 
     Maybe you want to “visit” Stonehenge. the Canadian Rockies or the Grand Canyon, New York City, London or Paris, you can. Or, maybe you want to take a boat ride down the Amazon. You can do that HERE. They also have shots of other places like Bali, Prague, the Pyramids of Giza and more. 
      Google street recordings have caused controversy because some residents have complained they invaded their privacy and Germany, India and Austria have all sought bans. But, Google is careful to blur out things like addresses, faces and license plate numbers, so personally, I don't see a problem. In any case, it can be an enjoyable way to visit remote places from home. 
      Here's a fantastic Site: Google Earth Tours - Take flights over entire metropolitan areas in 3D - See 3D trees in parks, neighborhoods, and forests - Travel back in time with historical imagery - Dive to new depths in the ocean - Explore 3D tours of buildings, cities and famous landmarks – Explore Mars – many more!

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