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Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Fly's Two Minutes and 3 Seconds of Fame

     The Vice Presidential Debate was a joke. Neither side actually answered a question; they either avoided answering entirely or resorted to mud slinging, calling each other liars or shouting the praises of their running mate. 
     Vice President Pence was especially annoying with his bullying tactics, interruptions of his opponent while she was speaking and his refusal to heed the moderator's request to shut up because his allotted time was up. 
     The winner it turns out was a fly which spent 2 minutes and three seconds on Mr. Pence's perfectly coiffed and beautiful white hair. Needless to say the incident brought tons of media comments, some quite funny, both during and after the debate. 
     It's a shame that an event of such importance was, if not the fiasco of the Presidential debate, highlighted by a fly on the head of one of the candidates and not where they (the candidates, not the flies) actually stand on important issues.

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